The students are divided into four houses in the morning section. The Houses are Radhakrishnan, Vivekananda, Tilak and Vidyasagar. The Houses conduct assemblies, take charge over all cleanliness, discipline and decoration of the school, each house is supervised by a House-in-charge assisted by a team of teachers.

Vidyasagar House

Motto : Humanity and Fraternity

Technology enabled smart class rooms are yet another leap in importing quality education to students in schools, from Nursery to 12th classes, which enables the students to learn, understand and grasp various subjects. It results in helping students gain a better understanding of difficult Curriculum concepts in the class, resulting in their improved academic performance in school. Our children enjoy these classes.

Fraternity means a group of people sharing a common profession or interest. It also includes the friendship and mutual support within a group, the companionship among each and everyone and kinship.

The idol of our house is Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar who has imbibed within himself and followed these principles throughout his life. Students of our Vidyasagar House are instructed to imbibe and inculcate these merits so that they can achieve their desired goal of life.

Radhakrishna House

Motto : Honesty, Liberty, Equality and Fraternity

Man is made up of vices and virtues. When vice governs one’s motto, he is derived away from morality. But when one’s motto is governed by his virtues, he moves towards morality and perfection.

“Work is worship and Honesty is the best policy.”

“Freedom of thought and actions together, yet founded by a few restrictions is Liberty.”

“Good thinking, believing and ability to analyse oneself after commitment leads to the best virtue.”


Equality is a broad term that relates to every aspect, conditions and approaches of life and means equilibrium among all human beings irrespective of religion, cast, creed and clan.

Schools are the best media to develop a student’s mind which leads to the realisation of his virtue. Here, in our school, we have been given a chance to develop the virtues of students through house wise cultural and educational activities that is hoped to convert the potentiality of the students into actuality.

Tilak House

Motto : Onward With Honour

Life means moving onward keeping pace with the time. Mobility is one of the many attributes of life with honour as a concept of entailing a perceived quality of worthiness and respectability that affects both the social standing and the self evaluation of an individual. A human life becomes meaningful only when it aims at attaining the ultimate truth knowing and identifying the divine power already within oneself and finally becoming complete through all means are essential factors in one’s life.

It is possible through manifestation of moral, spiritual and ethical upliftment of one’s soul capable of shouldering responsibilities towards God, their family, their fellow men and their country. Onward march with Honour towards perfection and progress is depicted in the motto of Tilak House.

Vivekananda House

Motto : Equality, Liberty and Fraternity

Education is the tool to pass on knowledge, spill, wisdom and school is the roof under which it is delivered. Education enables on individual to appreciate the finer things in life and the beauty of the world. The school is the best place to use those resources.

We need a change from imitation to innovation from uniformity to diversity. Creative thinking of a student is essential to meet the challenges of life. So, education of a child cannot be limited to the cognitive domain. Social living is equally important. While imparting school education we should not forget the holistic vision of education.

  • Learning To Know.
  • Learning To Do.
  • Learning To Live With Each Other.
  • Learning To Be.
In our school we have been given a great opportunity to fulfill these aspects. Dividing the children into groups, who in-turn work as a system of network. This networking uplifts a student’s cultural, behavioral, aesthetic and moral development. The different house activities, convert the potentiality of the student into actuality. As house members, our major aim is to provide an environment where students follow their intellectual persist with a few restrictions as possible. It has always been our motto to ex-culture and train pupils for specialized role in a formalized way.

“…….. (education) central aim is the building of power of the human mind and spirit….” – Sri Aurobindo.

Moral Education

We are fully aware of the importance of moral education for the children and it is an inseparable part of the school activities. Every effort is made to develop desirable attitudes and finer qualities of behaviour of the students.

Co- Curricular Activities

To generate the healthy competition for all round development of the child throughout the school a rich co-curricular programme of sports, dance, music, art, drama and hobby classes run parallel to the academic curriculum. Intra and inter house competitions are conducted in handwriting, debate, Poem-recitation, dance, music, drawing, outdoor & indoor games etc.

  • Special Emphasis Is Given For Attaining Excellence In Co-curricular Activities.
  • There Are Facilities For Learning Dance And Music.
  • Games And Other Co-curricular Activities Are Given Preference Over Other Personal Activities. Students Who Get Selected To Play For Their School / Class Teams Have To Attend Practice Session.