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When our beloved motherland, India, after tearing off the shackles, tearing off about two hundred years of British bondage, was just trying to heal her multiple deep wounds, then authorities of Hindustan Motors Ltd., were gracious enough to lay the foundation of this institution on the very auspicious day of 13th August 1953. Then it was, no-doubt, a very small unit named as Hind Motor Primary School, subsequently, however, the school was accorded recognition as a Primary School (I-IV) by the District School Board, Hooghly, w. e. f. 1/1/1956. Then in 1962, the Hon’ble Secretary, WBBSE, accorded first recognition to this school as a High School (upto X class) w.e.f. 1/1/1962. After that this institution was upgraded by the WBCHSE upto (10+2) Higher Secondary School.

At present Humanities, Science and commerce subjects are being taught here. It is a Co-educational School, following English medium from Nursery to XII. Now we pay our heartfelt respect to those dedicated teachers and persons who were interested in education, and nurtured that nascent institution with hard toil, wangled with deep love and affection and helped the baby institution to reach this robust adulthood.

Our Motto

“Satyam Shivam Sundaram” Satyam – Truth; Shivam – Almighty; Sundaram – BeautyThe threefold manifestation of education is the motto of Hindmotor High School.

According to the great saint Swami Vivekananda – "Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man".


So, if perfection is the aim of education, to attain it one cannot deny the light of education and education in its turn cannot be complete and wholesome without the value of truth inculcated in the minds of the disciples.

Again the state of perfection is in itself the state of Almighty – the divinity which we believe to be the basic component of every soul. So, education if does not lead to perfection then it cannot be fruitful. Also, whatever has to be perfect will truly have to have beauty radiated from within. Thus, through educating in Hindmotor High School, we aim at attaining perfection where truth and beauty would be one. "Beauty is truth: Truth beauty" – Keats

Our Vision

Creating better human beings we, the teachers and students of HMHS, commit ourselves to create a more just and humane society in our country. The inspiration provided by our founding fathers way back in 1953 continues to strengthen this commitment.

Our dedication to truly humanitarian education is accomplished by providing safe, positive, respectful, inclusive and welcoming learning environment, enabling each and every student to achieve their full potential.

We appeal to our students, teachers, facilitators and parents to work together for realizing our challenging vision of creating a new India where there shall be no discrimination on the basis of caste, colour, creed, socio-economic status or gender.

Hind Motor high School-Vision
Hind Motor high School-Mission

Our Mission

The mission of Hindmotor High School is to provide each student advance education in a safe, supportive environment that promotes sound values, self discipline, motivation and excellence in learning. The school joins with the parents and community to assist the students in developing skills to become independent and self sufficient adults who will succeed and contribute responsibly in a global community.

School With A Difference

  • A school where Healthy lush green environment and pollution free surroundings prevails.
  • A school which is guided and governed by highly educated and talented luminaries.
  • A school that offers a good standard of education.
  • A school that fills a child with full of confidence.
  • A school that remains updated with the latest educational technologies.
  • A school that helps a child to attain modern values without losing traditional traits.
  • A school that keeps a child happy, positive and well motivated.

From the Rector’s Desk

Hind Motor high School-Rector
Mrs. Sudipta Bose
Rector cum Manager

Dear Students, Parents and the entire team!

Warm greetings to our new dynamic website!

 “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” — Carl Sagan. How relevant it is for all of us, Children, parents and teachers.

There is never any point in the life of a person when he can sit back and say, “There is nothing more to learn and I can relax with the comforting thought that I know the universe all around.”

Education is not restricted to school and college, gathering certificates and feeling proud of oneself. It is a lifelong continues process till death, it starts in school and then as we go on through the journey of life.

Children, Teachers and Parents should understand that education is not restricted to text book taught in the school only. Parents and Teachers must encourage children to ask as many questions as they can which leads to develop the habit of gaining knowledge in abundance.

Besides all of the above, the foremost important thing which the school and the teachers must ensure is the environment and a school of enriching experience. This experience can develop a child’s creativity and imagination to become productive citizens of the world ready to make their own great contribution to mankind.

As per Albert Einstein—“Imagination is more important than knowledge”. Knowledge makes a child to know and understand, whereas Imagination makes a child to embrace the entire world.

My message to the Staff, Parents and dear Students of Hindmotor High School to dedicate this year to understand what education really means and let us all benefit from this understanding.

Wish you all another year of success with lots of blessings and love. Congratulations to the entire staff for their hard work and dedications to raise the children to this level. Special thanks to the entire team of the website for making it interactive and dynamic. Thank you and wish you all a great success.

From the Principal’s Desk

Hind Motor high School-Principal
Mrs. Nitu Chattopadhyay
Dear All,
Here at Hindmotor High school, our philosophy of education has always been meeting the needs of the individual child. Children acquire skills and knowledge easily if we can make the surrounding stimulating and purposeful. In the 21st century the digital revolution affects us all. Quite simply it is changing everything. In such a surrounding when work and effort is valued, the child’s self esteem is heightened and from this, results self motivation. We try to understand and work with each child, and we firmly believe that it is our responsibility to enable the child, in our care, to develop as a whole.

In our school we put forward distinction blends of offerings in the areas of knowledge and enterprise in the form of encouraging students for debates, elocution and quiz contest as well as organizing and taking part in various cultural events. We also have an optional extra -curricular activity programme where multifarious disciplines like music, dance, basket ball etc. are taught under the careful guidance of renowned teachers.

Dear students, it is my message to you all that people of fine character live by their values. They are honest and are committed to truthfulness in thought, word and deed. True character thus encompasses the capacity for self – discipline. “ Upward and outward” in action and “ inward in “reflection” .